Planet Pink

Release: May 13th, 2022


Seriously, was planet earth ever a cosy or even friendly place to be? We have pandemics, ecological disasters, surging prices for beer. Mankind’s only chance is escapism. So let’s enter the orbital glider and head for the stars where “Planet Pink” next year on March, 18th makes its rounds. 

For over 30 years now, J.B.O. are recognised specialists for vociferous escapism at the highest stage. Gold albums and top ten chart positions pave their way. “Planet Pink” will make no exception, even if the album was created under very special circumstances. Usually the band bosses Vito C. and Hannes „G.Laber“ Holzmann sit together on a couch and present themselves their ideas. This time they jammed through the telephone. It worked out because Vito and Hannes know each other better than identical twins, even if they don’t look that way. 

And so they swapped ideas to songs like the wonderfully clear ambiguous love song “Einhorn” (Unicorn) or the ironic tune “Rockmusik hat mich versaut” (Rock music ruined me) which is a payoff with the haters of distorted guitars who are just jealous in the end. The last-mentioned song was a problem for their long time friendship because both singers wanted to perform the song. This issue could only be clarified by a duel, decided by the vote of the J.B.O. fans. It was High Noon in J.B.O.’s hometown Erlangen, where swords turn into guitars.     

Beside these and other original compositions, again you will find a couple of cover versions on the album which are favoured by fans. The title track “Planet Pink” was released as a single and sounds weirdly well-known. Exactly, the Italian outfit Eiffel 65 had a worldwide Eurodance megahit with „Blue (Da Ba Dee)“ in 1999. In a different way from other musicians and publishers, the guys from South Europe were open for a new version of their song and offered J.B.O. participation on the lyric credits. This is a unique approach in the career of the band who bows to this loyal gesture. 

Even the first single „Metal Was My First Love“, which was released in October 2021, has a famous „big brother”. “Music” from John Miles was a hit in different countries in 1976 and belongs to the canon of popular music since then. J.B.O. transforms the orchestra arrangement into a guitar army with a little help of Vito’s collection of old guitar amps. Okay, the song is sung in English, but our pink Franconians don’t plan to become international superstars. Fine, maybe a little bit. But beside this the song is also a playground for the fans. There is a special version of the song on the internet where everybody is invited to show their skills. After download it is possible to mute single sound tracks like bass, guitars or the voice and put your own ideas on the tracks. What will happen to the reams of fan versions? Well, time will tell. 

„Planet Pink“ was recorded with producer Christoph Beyerlein at Sound and Groove studio, Nuremberg. Beyerlein is part of the J.B.O. family since 1994 and the fifth band member in the studio. Supervised by the observing ears of Beyerlein, the rest of the crew sorted and refined a lot of demo recordings for only one reason: in the end there will be just one planet glow in the brassiest colours. “It’s Planet Pink”.


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