Lake Of Tears

Winter is coming, and with it something ominous. 

The new release from LAKE OF TEARS is the perfect soundtrack for short, grey days and long, cold, dark nights. After nearly a decade of silence, Daniel Brennare, head and heart of the Swedish pioneers of dark music, finally reveals his sinister world of thought. Out of long years and intricate mathematics comes "Ominous". 

Rooted in illness and depression, in days of grey. These moments, burdensome and overwhelming, are dissected and then reassembled into a linear story. Interwoven in sound, word and vision, with thought out precision. Lasting no longer than a morning but holding for an eon. Reaching no further than the horizon but stretching out to the cosmos. Brennare creates his vision at the end of the world, starring the cosmonaut and the ominous brothers. 

He combines gothic rock with post-punk tunes, and quiet melancholic sounds that grow into powerful tracks, heavy and glutinous as liquid bitumen. Unhindered by the contemporary rules of form, Lake of Tears present songs of unprecedented independence of mind. 

Any attempt to put “Ominous” into words and genre is doomed to fail, but maybe one could describe the quintessence as the illegitimate child of a short liaison between David Bowies “Space oddity”, the SISTERS OF  MERCY and PINK FLOYD, with a touch of lurking doom. The first song, “At the destination” is a groovy and driven song that was written somewhere in a dark, cold and lonely orbit.Though it is danceable with its electronic goth beats, don't be fooled.It will take you where you must go; to the end of the world. And with “In wait and in worries” LAKE OF TEARS continues with an epic song immersed in a gloomy blackness. 

The foreboding of a coming doom is embedded in the words of Daniel´s warm, fragile voice. “Ominous” was recorded and mixed in Studiomega in Sweden by Christian Silver and his team, and produced by Daniel Brennare.

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