With their first two albums “Onwards” and “The Road Less Travelled”, Norwegian (female-fronted) metal band TRIOSPHERE attained a fantastic reputation worldwide. They shared the stage with bands such as Nightwish, Jorn, Arch Enemy and many others. Especially after their latest album “The Road Less Travelled”, which was released in May 2010, the band around vocalist/bass player Ida Haukland was busy touring Europe. First with Crimson Glory, then with Kamelot and lately with Sonata Arctica. Also Haukland took part in the Epysode project, where she sang a. o. a duet with Evergrey’s Tom S. Englund (on the album “Fantasmagoria”, from 2013).

Now TRIOSPHERE are finally back with a brand new piece of work, titled “The Heart Of The Matter”. Even more confident, unique and improved, the band delivers a slice of high-class melodic metal music, cleverly mixing power metal, progressive metal and a few contemporary rock elements to forge their very own sound. Dynamics, variety and a keen sense of strong melodies -combined with the unmistakable voice of Haukland- have become TRIOSPHERE’s trademarks; as displayed perfectly throughout the whole new record. Tracks like ‘My Fortress’, ‘The Heart’s Dominion’ or ‘Relentless’ combine TRIOSPHERE’s edgy nature and heavy riffing with catchy vocal melodies; ‘Departure’ and “As I Call’ appear even more melodic and towards the end of the journey, ‘The Sphere’ and ‘Storyteller’ increase the progressive share, before ‘Virgin Ground’ shows the very sensitive side of the band.  After 4 years in the making you’ll get 12 songs for a full hour of uniquely honest and hard-hitting music; from the most heavy to the most calm, from intricate to classic, all led by intelligent melodies and passionate lyrics about the heart of the matter. No compromise, no single frame of genre. Just pure heart. “The Heart Of The Matter” was mixed and mastered by one of the best producers, the acclaimed Jens Bogren (a. o. Opeth, Paradise Lost, Symphony X, Amon Amarth, Kreator) at Fascination Street studios, Sweden.

TRIOSPHERE was founded in 2004 by Marius Silver and Ida Haukland. They signed with a Norwegian label for the release of their debut album “Onwards” in Norway during Fall of 2006. “Onwards” was released in the rest of Europe in February 2007 through Plastic Head distribution and also licensed for a release in Asia (November 2006) and the USA (late Summer/Fall 2007).“Onwards” received rave reviews.
In 2010, TRIOSPHERE’s sophomore album “The Road Less Travelled” was released worldwide, again, to huge criticalacclaim. TRIOSPHERE have toured with W.A.S.P., Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Crimson Glory, Jorn and Kotipelto; and have played concerts supporting Nightwish, Arch Enemy and many others.
“The Heart Of The Matter” will make TRIOSPHERE again tour wherever possible, starting with the 70.000 Tons Full Metal Cruise in January 2015.

Live Concerts

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