Snakes And Ladders

Release: Nov. 10th, 2017

Roll the dice!
On November 10th, SHAKRA will release their new studio record „Snakes & Ladders“. As in the game with the same title, the goal is to climb to the top. This is what SHAKRA as a band also have in mind. It’s been almost 2 years since „High Noon“ was released, the comeback album with former leadsinger Mark Fox back on the microphone. „High Noon“ made it to #2 in the swiss album charts and also entered the german charts.

The haunting melodies, the distinctive voice of Mark Fox, the striking guitar riffs from Thomas Muster, the emotional solos from lead guitarist Thom Blunier and the irrestistible grooves from Drummer Roger Tanner and bass player Dominik Pfister are all typical SHAKRA trademarks, which can be found again on „Snakes & Ladders“. The opener „Cassandra‘s Curse“, which lyrically is about the current world affairs, is a perfect example of all the trademarks mentioned above. Heavy riffs, an atmospheric verse and a powerful refrain.

The kickass rock song „Friday Nightmare“ is followed by the title track „Snakes & Ladders“: Up & down and the game’s going on. Sometimes you win, sometimes you fall. Sometimes everything just goes smoothly, but there are times when you gotta try again and again to reach your goal. Just roll the dice – at some point you will be where you wanna be! „Together with ‚Cassandra’s Curse‘, ‚Something You Don’t Understand‘ is one of the best songs I’ve ever written“, says a very proud Thomas Muster. The song is a great 80s inspired powerballad with an enthralling melodie and simple grooves that will stick in your head for sure.

All in all there are 12 brandnew SHAKRA tracks on „Snakes & Ladders“, Shout out some singalongs to „The Seeds“, feel the blues in „Rollin“, listen to the straight Rock‘n’Roll song „Medicine Man“ or just rock out to „I Will Rise Again“ and „Fire In My Veins“. We are sure every SHAKRA fan will be more than happy with the album. So SHAKRA are definitely back on track! And by the way, „Snakes & Ladders“, their 11th album so far, includes the Snakes & Ladders game on CD and Vinyl.

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