SCHATTENMANN Shares Brand New Single & Music Video "Menschenhasser"!

SCHATTENMANN released Album and Single “Chaos” today. The German rock / metal formation SCHATTENMANN releasing their long-awaited album “Chaos” together with new single and official video.

It’s obvious that the upcoming longplayer ‘Chaos’ (to be released November 5th) will sharpen the profile of SCHATTENMANN, refined their musical and thematic standards even further and given the songs something very special courtesy of their unusual instrumentation.

The successful NDH-/Metal-newcomer SCHATTENMANN took a comparatively „long“ break after releasing their album „Licht An“ (2018) and the debut album for AFM „Epidemie“ (2019). Probably they had to cope with the fact that their second album entered Official German Album Charts on #32, before they could go back to normal.

The „Epidemie“ (epidemic) is spreading...

SCHATTENMANN keep on continuing their success in thrilling the Goth Scene...

NDH 2.0. A unique feature that made SCHATTENMANN capturing the Gothic culture easily.